Flowered Russian traditional slavic dress Mashenka for girls




This is a traditional Russian girl’s dress, in which your kid will look like a heroine of your favorite Russian fairytales!

Flowers and ornaments on the dress make it playful, cute and unique.
Traditional Russian dress “Mashenka” is an awesome tailor-made folk attire. High quality and made with soul!
Can be worn by your dear children during folk music and dance performances.
Give it as souvenir to someone you love!

This price is indicated for the whole costume (blouse + sarafan) without a hat.
Can be sewn for an adult by exact measurements!
Welcome to a Russian fairy tale!

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1 y.o., 2 y.o., 3 y.o., 4 y.o., 5 y.o., 6 y.o., 7 y.o., 8 y.o., 9 y.o., 10 y.o., 11 y.o.


Beige, Blue, Blue with daisies, Red, Red with daisies


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