Perfect fit traditional Russian dress Annushka




The cut of this incredible dress and lacing at the waist will flatter women’s curves. The neckline of the tender blouse attractively reveals the shoulders. Short puffed sleeves lend it a playful touch. The skirt cut lets it spin around, which looks really great on stage! This stunning dress is sure to get you noticed. This bright costume will be perfect for a dance performances and shows, but you can also use it for photoshoots, cosplays, Russian-style parties, or just for your VB wardrobe as a peace of Russian folk style.

This ptice for all costume (blouse + sarafan)
Can make this to your exact measurements! Fabriс: crepe-satin, gabardin.

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XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 6 y.o., 7 y.o., 8 y.o., 9 y.o., 10 y.o., 11 y.o.


Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Yellow

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